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        To be our publishers, you will not only receive commission but also you get a point once you earn ¥1. With the points you can redeem any gift on our platform. Except that, should you become our VIP publisher, we’ll pay you cash bonus as well.
        At Duomai, we understand that many brands have standards of only working with the top affiliates who are considered to be on brand and relevant to their marketing image. We recognize the need to provide visibility to our top performing merchants into those publisher URLs that are promoting your brand. We are on request able to provide these and happy to work together on ensuring that you are promoted in the best light by our top Chinese affiliates. To partner, we do not require that the advertiser ships to China, as Chinese consumers typically leverage third-party services to get their products into the country.

        Contact Us

        Publisher Support : service@www.kg595.com
        Advertiser Support : duomai@goldenname.com
        QQ : 1781524115
        MSN : duomaicps@goldenname.com
        Tel: +86 571 56638183

        Hangzhou Duomai E-Commerce Ltd.
        A13-2, East E-Commerce Park, 9th Jiusheng Road, Jianggan District
        Zhejiang 310019